Business Agility Transformation

The world of work and business is changing ever more rapidly. To remain relevant, grow and thrive, and deliver customers' expectations, businesses must be high-performing, adaptable and agile. Business Agility empowers organisations to realize the highest value in a shorter amount of time, in a sustainable and predictable manner, with the highest quality. This is because organisations with Business Agility are able to respond to change in a customer-focused manner, across all aspects, from individual teams to the enterprise-level.

Do you recognise any of these in your organization?

  • Business planning takes longer than the development and delivery process.

  • Product delivery is delayed because marketing takes too long.

  • Support is poor, and resolutions are not communicated on time.

  • Human Resources is not able to hire or retain the right people.

  • Money and time are lost in the product itself, not only the delivery and deployment process.

  • Customers don't use the features delivered, because the right features haven't been built.

Why choose Eya for the Agile transformation mission?

Our highest priority is to help satisfy our clients, and their customers, through early and continuous delivery. To realize these agile concepts, we can help you to build an agile methodology unique to your company, or to use a hybrid approach to bring maximum benefit to your projects.

We are experts in Lean Management, Architecture, Advanced Product Management and Product Discovery.

We work in small delivery increments, so we can continuously adjust to what is needed, enabling business to undertake change to direction at low cost.

We focus on building organizational momentum through an enabling, agile and adaptive strategy strongly linked to execution, and aligned to a clear vision and purpose.

What do we offer?

Business Agility Assessment. This is the start of a Business Agility transformation. Our customized assessment to examines your organization's overall progress towards true business agility.

Providing Agile Training, Coaching, and Mentoring of teams and individuals to build agile skills and capabilities, increase efficiency, enabling value and flow to continuously improve.

We provide a solid foundation for Business Agility with the Disciplined Agile tool kit from the Project Management Institute (PMI), since we know that "One Size Does Not Fit All", so organizations can choose their Way of Working through implementing Disciplined Agile.

Value Stream Mapping, to enhance processes and procedures. Value Stream Mapping is an activity that catalogs the steps in the work producing a product or delivering a service. It reveals where the interfaces are between activities, as well as the times involved in and between process steps.

We help organizations to improve end to end cycle time and frequency of capability delivery.

Automating business agility workflows using various tools e.g., Jira and more.

Project Management Consultancy

Project Management is at the core of all business processes. To successfully become mature businesses, organisations need to focus on effective product innovation and management, through enhancing the way they manage their projects. By maximising and implementing proper project management, projects, programs and portfolios can be delivered successfully, on time, budget, scope and quality.

Why choose Eya for consulting on Project Management?

Our highly-qualified staff have obtained PMP, PMI-ACP, TOGAF, COBIT, Scrum, Disciplined Agile, Agile in the PMO, Leading Teams, Business Continuity, and Six Sigma certifications. Their extensive knowledge and experience in sustainable Project and Program Management, and has enabled them to contribute to various PMI publications including:

  • The PMBOK 7th Edition

  • Practice Standard for Schedule Management

  • The Standard for Earned Value Management

Our experience in providing strategic management and project oversight and consultancy enables us to make use of trusted methods and established principles of good practice, together with common sense.

We form a team with our client, so that after the finished project, the expertise stays with our clients' teams, thanks to our knowledge transfer system, providing sustainability for our work.

What do we offer?

  1. Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy

We provide training in various Project Management practices, using international standards and methodologies.

We provide training in for key Project Management qualifications, including Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP), PMI-RMP, Agile in PMO, and Discipled Agile in both English and Arabic, as well as Agile coaching.

We provide Project Management coaching, helping teams to apply their knowledge, supporting organizations to implement cultural norms, leadership styles and decision-making patterns that are conducive to project management best practices.

We provide Project and Program Management Consultancy to help organizations to deliver successful projects for maximum value within the project constraints, such as project support services for planning activities, risk management, project performance tracking, and similar activities.

  1. PMO Implementation

PMO Implementation: We provide all the support needed to establish a fully-functioning PMO which is adapted to your organisation's needs, processes and requirements, enabling you to co-ordinate your projects and programs effectively and successfully.

We provide Guidelines, Templates, and Examples of Good Practices along with Training and Coaching.

Enterprise-level PMO (EPMO) Implementation, linking implementation of organizational strategy with portfolio-level investments in programs and projects that deliver specific results, changes, or products.

We provide support to implement an Agile Center of Excellence (ACoE) or Value Delivery Office (VDO) structure, enabling organisations to implement customer-centered initiatives, and adaptive delivery approaches.

  1. Enterprise Project Management Platform

We help organisations automate their project management workflows by implementing an Enterprise Project Management Platforms.

Microsoft Project Server Set-up: Using an Enterprise Project Management Platform such as Microsoft Project Server enables our clients to quickly start projects, prioritize investments in project portfolios, and deliver business value through increased agility, control, teamwork, and management, helping managers to make data-driven decisions.

Data Analytics, Visualization, and Management

Unlock the value of your Data:

Today’s CEOs know that the effective management and exploitation of information through IT is a key factor in business success, and an indispensable means of achieving a competitive advantage. The problem is, data is often kept scattered across networks, at the local level, or is duplicated and is in a format that makes it difficult to understand. Our Data Analytics, visualization and management expertise addresses these problems and needs, providing a strategic overview of performance in response to the constantly changing needs of the business environment, enabling businesses to use their data to predict the future.

Why Eya?

Our Data Analytics, visualization and management expertise enables us to make your Data more interactive, and change the way you see your Data. We have experience in delivering KPIs and Dashboards aligned to our clients’ needs, to easily visualize their data, providing easy analysis of factors affecting business strategy, functions, key business processes, and performance.

We use our effective method of execution for success: Business Understanding, Data Collection, Data Preparation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Agile Modelling, Model Evaluation, and Model Deployment. We work with our clients' teams to establish a Transition Plan, making sure their data is in their hands.

What do we offer?

(Enterprise) Data Warehouse establishment:

A Data Warehouse provides a single, more effective platform on which to report and manage data, combining data from all the other databases in the environment, providing a single source for users to obtain data, and making it easier to control security, rather than controlling security on each database.

We help organizations to improve business outcomes with the power of data, through consulting:

  • We can help you close the gap between strategy and execution through greater organizational alignment and strategy adoption.

  • We can help you identify the area of business performance you wish to measure.

  • We can advise on establishing an appropriate interval between each KPI review.

  • We can take you from KPIs to Objective Key Results (OKRs), establishing high-level team or company goals, to ensure you are reaching far enough, providing tools to ensure that the OKRs and their achievement status is transparent to all, ensuring that all staff are aligned towards the overarching goals.

As part of our Knowledge Transfer service, our team will provide sessions for:

  • Installation and configuration details of analytical database

  • ETL architecture, data flow and implementation methods used

  • Implementation of Reports & Dashboards